[ This was a very quick personal 'JAM' of sorts that is the product of a day and a bit of work - ENJOY! :)]


Hey hey hey! Have you ever wanted to be a chicken farmer and earn that coin? Well now you can with this fun little clicker!


  1. Click the chicken to encourage faster egg laying (1 egg per chicken)!
  2. Click your eggs to sell them and earn that Moolah!
  3. Click the coup in order to buy more chickens!
  4. The Golden Egg - earn enough cash and get your hands on this to win the game!

Development log


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Nice game but needs updates like auto clicker for 500 and more.

Edit: finished the game

Thank you xMemex! :D I agree it would have been even better with an auto clicker utility heh :) Unfortunately this was only a mini jam like I say hehe so this game ends there, but I may possibly revisit and recreate this in the future ;)

A simple game that doesn't take too long to bit. It was really satisfying to play! The graphics were cute and fit the dorky music which I enjoyed. Can't wait to see what you can do if this was made in only a day!

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Why thank you kindly PepperCorn!! This was a fun little project to do and I immensely appreciate the compliment there my good friend!

I am currently developing a game called Sky Fighter which I look forward to polishing and releasing a much more up to date and well thought out demo for you all! :D

It's no problem! I'll have to check out that WIP you sent!

I finished it and I'm glad it has an end unlike a lot of clicker games. Having the coup upgrade over time is an interesting solution to the problem "How can I make a good progression without including a thousand things to click on?" You were able to squeeze a lot into just a day's work The only suggestion I have is that it would be less tedious if you were able to buy every coup, you can afford, with one click. Keep up the good work


Why thank you kindly for the kind words my good friend! I am glad you enjoyed the game! :)

I must say i agree with what you say with regards to being able to "Batch Purchase" the coups :) I do wonder here and there if this game concept is one I will revisit and develop a refined successor to this game with a lot more design efforts put in than just that of the 1 day :P

Even if you don't revisit the idea, I'm sure you would have learnt a lot from making this