A Fresh New Look! :D

OOF! It's about time for another Update! :D

i HAVE BEEN A very busy boy the past week or so working on those changes I had mentioned before, and the first step for a lot of the elements is the visual overhaulage!
The Menu is unfinished at the moment but as you loverly ladies and gentlespoons can tell, I want to make sure this game is done properly ;)

I know there is a lot of radio silence as it were, but you will be happy to know that I am in fact hard at work ;)


You will notice now ladies and getlespoons that I have updated the downloadable demo to the latest version I have put together! :D Unfortunately not as polished as I would like (Hence this overhaul) but mechanically as planned so far! ;)


Sky Fighter Demo.exe 85 MB
Feb 15, 2020

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