The Long Break Is At An End!

Well Ladies and Gentlespoons, it has been a good couple of months or so sinse the last update but I can tell you that in that time, a LOT have changed and improved with this game! Here is a peak of what has been going on!

The Changes
Here is a list of the many things that I have tweaked, changed and improved!

  • The game has been renamed to "Sky Fighter"
  • New menu artwork for all of the buttons.
  • There are now Zones! So far there are two fully fleshed out zones with Earth and Space!
  • A handy dandy Score system has been implemented! - (Bronze, Siver and Gold orbs)
  • There are now 5 levels per zone instead of the original 10!
  • New HUD!
  • Interactive pause menu!
  • The energy ball now speeds up as it hits things!
  • All new BGs for Space!
  • Refined collision system for a smooth experience!

This has been a very enjoyable experience so far and I am pumped to continue further! The polished, new and improved playable demo will be here soon. Whatch this space and stay tuned! ;)

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