The Big Leap...

Well ladies and gentlemen, the time has arrived to uncover the first Proper title that I has been worked on since February 2019!

I am happy to announce for your pleasure Shapes in the Sky! It has been a very enjoyable experience designing and developing this game right from the very first sentance that I wrote whilst looking for ideas "A Breakout game for kids!" ^_^ I am not at all grand with blogs in general, but I will be trying to do this as best as possible!

The Game

SO! What is this game about?  In Shapes in the Sky you are a ship tasked with defending the world from invading aliens that have come to be known as Sky Shapes. Using your ship, you must blast an energy ball at them before using your shield and expert manouvers to deflect and take them all out! You will end up chasing the Sky Shapes through space until getting to the source and defeating them all!

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